Leisure Time Mineral Purifier 23434A

Water Care, Leisure Time, Mineral Purifier
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Leisure Time Mineral Purifier 23434A

Leisure Time® Spa Minerals creates softer, cleaner spa water. Each unit contains minerals that help control bacteria. When used with a minimal amount of sanitizer, Leisure Time® Spa Minerals provides clear water for up to four months!


  • Easy-to-use formula treats up to 600 gallons of spa water and is compatible with chlorine and bromine systems
  • Leisure Time® Spa Minerals create softer, cleaner spa water that you can relax into with ease
  • Keeps spa water clear for up to four months when used with a sanitizer
  • Minerals provides clear, clean spa water with 50% less bromine/chlorine use
  • Replace Leisure Time® Spa Minerals after four months or when draining and refilling spa with fresh water

Usage Directions:

  1. 1 Cartridge every 4 months.
  2. Majority of spas: Insert Leisure Time Spa Minerals inside filter cartridge core. Do not allow product to sit too low in the filter. If blocking water flow, insert in filter well. If installed inside standpipe, attach a string to the handle for easy removal.
  3. High flow spas: On skimmer filters with 2.5 HP or larger pump motors, place Leisure Time Minerals in filter well outside of the filter cartridge.
  4. Small cartridges or other spas: Place Leisure Time Spa Minerals in skimmer tray.

Additional Information

Application Spa

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 23434 (Advantis)


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