Leisure Time 2lb Non-Chlorine Shock RENU2

Sanitizer, Advantis, Renew Non-Chlorine Shock, 2lb Granular
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Leisure Time 2lb Non-Chlorine Shock RENU2

Renew is a nonchlorine oxidizer and shock treatment. This fast-dissolving granular rids spa water of residual soaps,

deodorants, natural oils and organic materials that can build up in spa water.


  • Quickly dissolves in water to rid spa water of oils and residue.
  • Eliminates organic materials that cause odors, skin and eye irritation.
  • Use before each spa use to convert bromine into active bromine. 
  • Use spa minutes after application.
  • Does not effect pH level.
  • Buffer potassium monopersulfate compound
  • Part of the Leisure Time 100% bromine-based sanitizing Reserve and Renew System

Directions for use:

1. Turn on filtration system.

2. For each 250 gallons of water, add 2 ounces directly into spa water.

3. Run filtration system for one hour with cover off.

4. Repeat process once a week to help maintain clear, odor-free water.

Additional Information

Size 2 lbs
Type Standard

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 31351 (Advantis)


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