CMP Fitting 21000-750

Fitting, PVC, Ribbed Barb Coupler, 3/4"RB x 3/4"RB
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CMP Fitting 21000-750

This Fitting is manufactured by CMP. WE AREN’T JUST BUILDING PRODUCTS: WE ARE BUILDING TOTAL DESIGN PLATFORMS. The spa industry is vibrant and innovative, full of talented designers and passionate teams. That’s why we want to do more than sell you a new product. We want to sell you platforms that encourage innovation, rethink older systems and improve your entire process. CMP is dedicated to advancing the hot tub industry, working with innovative OEMs to create spas that meet the recreational, therapy and relation needs of your customers. Our dedicated team of customer service, representatives and design professionals are committed to bringing total solutions that allow spa professionals to build better products. We are always working to improve our products and performance. With every design and system from CMP, we are setting you up for success by paying attention to the small things. That’s what makes the difference. And when the difference is in the details, everything matters.

  • PVC, 3/4"RB x 3/4"RB

Additional Information

Inlet Size 3/4"
Outlet Size 2"
Outlet Type Barb
Type Standard
Inlet Type Barb

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 4-20-0129
  • 21000-750-000 (CMP)


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