Jet Pump

Pump, Waterway, Genesis, 13.0 Amp, 115V, 1-Speed, 1-1/2"MBT w/Air Switch & Cord (PKG)
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Jet Pump
Committed to innovation & excellence since 1973
Waterway Genesis Generation Energy Efficient Bath Pump. Single Speed, 3450 RPM, 60 hz. 1-1/2" Intake and center discharge. 3' NEMA power cord - 3-Prong plug with Air Switch. Includes (2) 1.5" Unions that fit this pump. There are two outlets on the face of the pump for small lines, these come from the factory plugged. If needed they can be drilled out easily.
Additional Information
Features- -Air Switch -NEMA Cords -Quiet Wetend -Anti-Vibration Pads
Specifications- Horsepower- 1.5 Voltage- 115 Amps- 13 Intake and Discharge- 1-1/2" MBT Flow Rate- 175 GPM Frame Size- 48Y
NOTE - Does not include unions. Air Switch and NEMA Cord included.
**Pump & motor manufacturers reserve the right to change motors on pumps or style of motor without notice. Motors shown may differ from current stocked product. Functionality remains the same**
Alternate Part Numbers
Available Documentation
  • 1-00-0023PK
  • 321NF10-1150
  • 34-270-2006
  • 34-270-2006
  • WW150