ProLine 32oz Dual Action Filter Cleaner P-DAFC

Filter Cleaner, Proline, Dual Action Filter Cartridge Cleaner, 1Qt
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ProLine 32oz Dual Action Filter Cleaner P-DAFC
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Proline Dual Action Cartridge Cleaner is the easy go-to product to keep your hot tub filter working effectively. Convenient spray bottle design, helps to remove oil, grease, soap, minerals, and scale from filter cartridge, improving filter cartridge life without having to buy new. Spray the cleaner on the filter cartridge for a quick clean or soak overnight to get in deep with Proline filter cleaner.

Rinse filter cartridge or D.E. Grids thoroughly to remove any loose matter/debris. While wet, spray Instant Filter Cleaner on total surface area and allow to set for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and reinstall in filter system. Note: It is recommended that 2-3 times a year that you soak the cartridge in a solution of Phoenix Filter Cleaner for 24 hours.

Use for cartridge, sand or DE filters
Removes oil, grease, dirt and soap
Works overnight

1. Remove grids or cartridges from filter.
2. Place cartridge or grids upright in solution.
3. Soak for a minimum of 3 hours. For maximum effectiveness, soak overnight.
4. Remove filter from solution. Hose off filter with high pressure nozzle and replace.

Filters should be cleaned monthly or as needed.

Compatible With:
Chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers.

NOTE: Click HERE for Safety Data Sheet on this product.

Additional Information

Size 32 oz
Type Standard

Alternate Part Numbers

  • PDAFC (Proline)


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