Balboa Vico WOW Bath Pump 1050032

Bath Pump, Vico Wow, Front/Top, .75HP, 115V, 7.5A, 1-1/2"MBT w/Air Switch & NEMA Cord
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Balboa Vico WOW Bath Pump 1050032
standard for top-of-the-line products that deliver quality, reliable service with every bath product.
The Whirlpool Operating Wonder (WOW®!) from Balboa Water Group is the greatest little bath pump ever built! Revolutionizing the industry, the standard to which all pumps are compared, making the whirlpool tub affordable for every homeowner. The WOW®! is the most reliable bath pump on the market. The WOW®! pump has years of reliable operation with less than 0.1% failure rate and it is backed by the service and reputation of Balboa Water Group. The WOW®! is compact in size and easy to install. The self-draining volute ensures a dry, clean system. The WOW®! is offered in both a 50Hz and 60Hz version, making it the choice for the International and North American markets. The WOW®! offers quiet operation, adding to the tranquility and comfort of the hydrotherapy experience. UL and CSA approved, the WOW®! passes rigorous agency testing.
Additional Information

Bath pump w/Air Switch

Single Speed Model
Ultra Quiet Operation
Compact Design
UL and CSA Approved
Self-draining Volute
Proven Reliability

Wetends are Front Top, Center
65 and 86 GPM Flow Rate
115 Voltage
5.5 and 7.5 Amp
Frequency of 60Hz
NEMA Plug and Bare Leads
Air Switch Option
30 min. Electronic Switch Timer Option

Alternate Part Numbers
  • 1-05-0423