Generic Blower Motor 2.0220BLR

Blower Motor, 2.0HP, 230V, 5.5A
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Generic Blower Motor 2.0220BLR
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Vacuum motors are available for any size, budget and performance. Our vacuum motors range in size from 3” to 9” in diameter. The motors are also available in any voltage from 115VAC to 230VAC as well as 12VDC to 48VDC. e custom tailor solutions in the following market places, Pool & Spa, Medical, Carpet Extractors, Central vacuums, Pneumatic Tubes/ Material Handling, Car Wash, HVLP and Hazardous Duty applications.
Additional Information

2 HP

230 V

Alternate Part Numbers
  • MTR602383 (Cal
  • Spas)
  • 760043 (Hercules)
  • 116670-50
  • HHPT156-2STF (Hill)
  • 1-15-0006