Len Gordon Pressure Switch 800140-7

Pressure Switch, Len Gordon, SPDT, 6 Amp, 1.8-2.2 Psi, 1/8" NPT
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Len Gordon Pressure Switch 800140-7
Len Gordon Genuine
Len Gordon pressure switch. Universal. This pressure switch is a safety device designed to prevent overheating of the spa heater should a low or no-flow condition exist in the spa.
Additional Information

6 Amp, 1/8" NPT Plumbing

Factory calibrated ON at 2.2 PSI and OFF at 1.8 PSI

Technical Note-
Len Gordon by Allied Innovations' Universal pressure switches can replace manufacturing pressure switches. Some manufacturers do not have a factory set pressure, so the technician must adjust the pressure switch in the field. If the heater does not fire, they will need to rotate the pressure switch while the pump is running until the pressure switch gets continuity.

Alternate Part Numbers
  • 800140-3