Tecmark Pressure Switch 34-0148A

Pressure Switch, Hydroquip (Tecmark), SPST, 15.1 Amp, 2.5 Psi, 1/8"NPT, (Non-Adjustable)

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Tecmark Pressure Switch 34-0148A
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Tecmark Series 3000, 3900 and 4000 Pressure Switches convert a positive or negative pressure signal (range 2” W.C. to 100 PSI) to an electrical output. Tecmark Pressure Switches are available in various configurations for air, gas and liquid sensing applications. Tecmark switches can sense pressures as low as 2" w.c. up to 100 PSIG with electrical ratings up to 25 amps.
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1 Amp, 1/8" NPT Plumbing

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