Sundance Jacuzzi J-300 Oval Pillow 2472-826

Pillow Assembly, Jacuzzi, Oval, Dark Silver, (2002 +) J-300 Series
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Detailed Description

Sundance Jacuzzi J-300 Oval Pillow 2472-826
Built with you in mind

Restore your backyard oasis with this two-tone style pillow top and base insert for neck support. Replacement part features translucent logo for new LED lighting systems. Contains the complete pillow: both the light grey insert and the dark grey “ring” or holder. No mounting hardware is included. Your J-300 series hot tub should have permanent mounting hardware that should last for years and years. The Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillow is for older (2007–2013) J-300 series spas. This product looks very similar to the newer J-300 pillows.


  • Dimensions: 9" x 4-1/4"
  • Has translucent logo for new LED lighting systems
  • For use with 2007-2013 J-300 Collections

Compatibility list:

J-385 and J-380 tubs 2007–2013

J-375 and J-370 tubs 2007–2013

J-365 and J-360 tubs 2007–2013

J-355 and J-350 tubs 2007–2013

J-345 and J-340 tubs 2007–2013

J-335 and J-330 tubs 2007–2013

J-325 and J-320 tubs 2007–2013

J-315 and J-310 tubs 2007–2013

Additional Information

Color Silver
Features Standard Headrest
Size 9" x 4-1/4"
Type Standard
Spa Brands Jacuzzi

Alternate Part Numbers

  • SD2472-826


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