ACC life spa Control 1.4/5.5kW Straight Heater SMTD1000

Control System, (Kit), ACC SMTD1000, Life Spas, 1.4/5.5kW (15" Heater), Circ,Pump1, Pump2 (1 Spd)/blower, w/AMP Cords, LX1000 Spaside Plastic enclosure

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ACC life spa Control 1.4/5.5kW Straight Heater SMTD1000
Flexibility you need, The quality you expect

The 1000 controls a 2 speed primary pump, a single speed air blower or a single speed secondary pump, a 12 volt spa light, an auxiliary light and an ozonator. The system comes with a calibrated pressure switch, a heavy duty 2 pole contractor to control the 5.5 KW attached heating element. This system is convertible and may be run on 120 volts.

This unit arrives in a Metal Box

Dimensions 17” W X 14.5” H X 3” D

Additional Information

System Voltage 115/230V
Heater Type Straight/Fixed
Heater Wattage 1.4/5.5kW
Keypad Included Not Included
Supports Pump1 + Pump2 + Blower

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 3-70-0955DV