Keypad Overlay

Overlay, Spaside, Gecko IN.K600-GF-AE1, 11 Button, LCD,
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Keypad Overlay
In.k200 compact series of entry-level keypads gives complete control to wet fingers!
Overlay for Gecko Alliance’s in.k200 compact series of entry-level keypads for spas and hot tubs. This overlay is easy to install. Simply clean the surface of the keypad, peel the adhesive layer protector from the back of the overlay, place and align properly the overlay on the keypad surface. Apply pressure on the overlay surface to insure perfect adherence.
Additional Information
Number Of Buttons - 4
Button Configuration - Left-Right-OK-Plus-Minus-Mode-Next
Spaside Model - in.k600
Alternate Part Numbers
  • 3-05-7110