Gecko in.yj2 Spa Control 1.4/5.5kW No Heater 3-73-5000

Control System, Allied (Gecko) 120 volt Only, IN.YJ2 Heat Recovery, w/ Spaside, GFI & Hi-Limit
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Gecko in.yj2 Spa Control 1.4/5.5kW No Heater 3-73-5000
The perfect system for entry-level spas with Gecko's breakthrough features and signature design.
Gecko's new In.Yj-2 heat recovery (thermal transfer) system made for spas that have no heater and use the motor to heat the spa water either through friction or a heat jacket. This kit is the primary replacement for the older TDI / Tridelta / Tecmark thermal transfer systems, as well as the discontinued Len Gordon HT-1000Y2K and the Spa Builders LX-05 systems.
Additional Information
System Voltage   120V
Keypad   Included
Supports   1 Pump
Heater Wattage   1.4/5.5kW
Heater Style   Less Heater
Plug Style   

Alternate Part Numbers
  • 3-73-5000
  • HT-1000
  • HT-2000-Y2K
  • 936540-001
  • 936540-003
  • 3-60-0168
  • 3-60-0134
  • 3-70-0415