Filter Cartridge

Filter Cartridge, Pleatco, Diameter: 4-3/4", Length: 7-1/16", Top: Handle, Bottom: 1-1/2"SAE, 20 sq ft

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Filter Cartridge
The clean water company!
Pleatco Advanced SPA® replacement filter cartridges ensure high powered propulsion flow and crystal clear, sparkling clean water filtration providing spa owners peace of mind to relax and focus on what's truly important - health and happiness.
Additional Information
Diameter 4-5/8"
Length 6-3/4"
Bottom Style Male SAE Thread
Top Style Bar Handle
Spa Brands Softsider Spas
Square Footage 25
Alternate Part Numbers
  • 4902-108 PSANT20P3O PSANT20P3
  • 4-05-0612 4CH-925 (Unicel)
  • FC-0126 (Filbur)
  • 4CH925
  • FC0126