Circulation Pump

Circulation Pump, Grundfos, 230V, 3/4" & 1" Barb w/Cord & Universal Kit

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Circulation Pump
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The Grundfos Circulation Pump with Universal Kit is designed to fit most spa circulation pump applications and for replacing not only Grundfos Circ. Pumps but also other brands such as Laing and Waterway. The Universal Kit includes the fittings to attach the pump to 3/4" or 1" plumbing applications, Universal Amp Cord Kit and Spa Foot Mounting Kit.
Additional Information
Features- Circulation Pump with Universal Plumbing Kit Adjustable Volute for installation in all plumbing configurations Designed to Retrofit most Low Flow spa applications Replaces Grundfos, Laing and Waterway Circulation Pumps Quiet and lightweight Includes PVC Plumbing Kit, 48” AMP Cord and Mounting Kit
Specifications- Horsepower- 1/15 Voltage- 230 Intake and Discharge- 3/4" or 1" Plumbing Connections Can adapt to ¾” Tubing, ¾” PVC or 1” PVC Flow Rate- 12 to 18 Gallons Per Minute
**Pump & motor manufacturers reserve the right to change motors on pumps or style of motor without notice. Motors shown may differ from current stocked product. Functionality remains the same**
Alternate Part Numbers
Available Documentation
  • 100137K
  • HQ100137K
  • GG100137K
  • HQ-10-0137-K