Gecko CMXP Spa Pump 1 Speed 230V 2" MBT 06310002-2370

Pump, Gecko, 2018, Circulation, Blue 2 In W/E, 8Ft 4 Pin Amp, Unions

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Gecko CMXP Spa Pump 1 Speed 230V 2" MBT 06310002-2370

This CMXP Pump is manufactured for Dynasty Spas by Gecko. At Gecko, understanding the spa user’s environment and expectations is key in the process of designing and making the perfect control systems, intuitive keypads, powerful but efficient pumps and value-added accessories for spas. When a user touches a button, presses a key or clicks on a link, he already expects how his spa, the product of our customers, should respond to his commands. He is validating, at each interaction, the quality of the experience he associates with his spa. 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of interfaces and controls of all types have made us experts in product interaction and user behavior. Simplicity, intuitivity, elegance and performance are not only starting points of design projects but driving forces of our creativity.

Additional Information
Voltage   230 V
Speed    1 SPD
Frame Size   
Hi Speed Amps   
Lo Speed Amps   
Intake Size   2" MBT
Discharge Size   2" MBT
Discharge Type   
Default Rotation   
Cord Type   
Cord Length   

Alternate Part Numbers
  • 15571