Leisure Time Sodium Bromide Packets BE

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Leisure Time Sodium Bromide Packets BE

Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide creates an upfront bromide reserve. Use before applying Leisure Time® Brom Tabs to ensure a full bromine-based spa water sanitizing system.


  • Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide allows you to set up your new spa bromine system the simple way
  • Use during the start-up process of the Leisure Time® Simple Spa Care® Program
  • Provides sanitation for bromine based spas without heavy odors
  • After using Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide, use Bromine Tablets to maintain bromine levels
  • Compatible with all bromine systems

Usage Directions:

  1. Add 1/2 ounce for every 100 gallons of hot tub water to establish a 30 parts per million (ppm) bromine reserve


Sodium Bromide 99%

Other Ingredients 1%

Additional Information

Size (6) 2oz
Type Standard

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 31320 (Advantis)


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