Bath Heater

Bath Heater, HydroQuip T-Style w/Pressure Switch, 1.5KW, 115V, 1-1/2", 7" Length, NEMA Cord
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Bath Heater
The smart choice
The Hydro-Quip Pure Heat Bath Heater is a quality replacement heater for Whirlpool Baths. Highly self-sufficient, it is engineered with an automatic smart thermostat that professionally monitors temperature levels for repeatedly reliable performance, and its stainless steel housing ensures lasting durability. Using 1.5kw, it comes with a versatile low profile configuration and a handy 120V 3' corded plug for installation, and its tee-style valve offers a stronger, more compact connection to your plumbing.
Additional Information
Heater Feature - T-Style w/Pressure Switch
Wattage - 1.5kW
Low Profile Design
Versatile Compact Sizes 7” or 5.5”
Automatic Smart Thermostat
Intelligent High-Limit
Pressure Switch Activated
Heater “On” Indicator Light
Alternate Part Numbers
  • 2-00-7514