Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser ALK

Water Care, Leisure Time, Alkalinity Increaser, 2lb Container
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Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser ALK

Leisure Time® Alkalinity Increaser is a concentrated granular formula that gradually and safely raises the total alkalinity level and prevents pH bounce.


  • Prevents pH levels from bouncing and keep your spa water between 80 and 120 ppm
  • Simply and safely raise total alkalinity in spa or hot tub water.
  • Fast-dissolving solution gives you immediate results and more Leisure Time®
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide systems and easy-to-use

For best results, use Leisure Time® Test Strips twice weekly to balance pH levels and prevent corrosion and scale

Start Up Directions:

  1. Add 1 oz to spa water.
  2. Allow water to circulate for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Using a test strip, retest water and repeat steps 1 - 2 until balanced.

Weekly Maintenance Directions:

  1. Using spa test strips, test your spas water and adjust when needed.
  2. Ideal Range for alkalinity level: 80-120 ppm.

Compatible with: chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.


Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate(100%)

Additional Information

Size 2 lbs
Type Standard

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 3280 (Advantis)


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