3000 Electronic Control System

Control System, ACC SMTD3000, 230V Only (4 wire), 11kw Heater, Pump1, Pump2, Blower w/KP2020 Topside & Cords
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3000 Electronic Control System
Flexibility you need, The quality you expect
The 3000 can control a 2 speed primary pump, a 2 speed secondary pump ( or dual pumps single speed) , a single speed air blower ( or a fourth pump), a 12 volt spa light, an auxiliary light and an ozonator. The system comes with a calibrated pressure switch, a heavy duty 50AMPS 2 pole contactor relay, to control the 11.0KW attached dual heating elements.
Additional Information
Main Circuit - 2- Speed Pump 120/240V
2nd Circuit - 1- Speed Pump 120/240V
3rd Circuit - 1- Speed Blower 120/240V
Spaside Control Included - KP-2020
Heater Style - Straight/Fixed, Wattage - 11 kW
System Voltage - 240V Only (4 wire)
Alternate Part Numbers
  • 3-70-0546